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Hooking Up & Staying Hooked (HUSH) is the guide for high school guys to having game, getting girls, and hooking up. This is the how to of relationships, romance, and getting intimate for your life. And finally, we’re in comic book form!


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Why Waiting to Send that Sext Will Help

When is it okay to send a sext?Some people will act like there is never a good time for you to have a sexual conversation via text/kik/snapchat/tinder/whatever ever! (PUT DOWN THE SMARTPHONE AND STEP AWAY FROM YOUR GENITALS!) The word “sext” is kind of stupid in and of itself and grown people think of it as an entirely different thing than you probably do.

These people, however, are often the same people who don’t want you making out in a backseat or fooling around in a movie theater. They can think what they want but it probably won’t stop you.

But here’s the thing you definitely don’t want to do while sexting: do it too soon.

Guys are losing the opportunities they’d die for every day by trying to get to homeplate before they’ve been on base. When you push the conversation to the sexual too quickly, you’re not turning her on or being assertive, you just seem like a creep.

  • If your second text is “show me ur boobs” you will never see her boobs.
  • If your third text is “nudes, pls” you have guaranteed for yourself that you will never see this girl naked.
  • If your fourth text is “wanna hookup?” you’ve now dreamed up a hookup that won’t happen in a million years.


Here’s what to do instead: (Read more…)

Ctrl + Behavior

How to not be a controlling boyfriend

Figuring out how to act in a relationship can be more complicated than AP Chem. The advice we get from adults usually doesn’t get more helpful than, “be a gentleman” (what does that mean?!). This means too often you have to figure it out as you go using the clues you gather from what you see and hear around you. But what sucks is the way other guys talk about how they act in relationships usually doesn’t match up to how they actually act. Most dudes talk a lot of game that if you actually followed would make you into a real nutjob.

The Message: Be In Control

The message we get is that we have to run the show. You have to know where your girl is, who she’s with, and what she’s up to all the time. This Message Sucks!

  • It’s not fun.
  • It’s not attractive.
  • It’s abusive.

Some guys will (Read more…)

“Let’s Just Be Friends”

She said let's just be friends

Stranger. Girl you know. Friend. Girlfriend. Ex.

It’s easy when a girl you know fits easily into one and only one of these categories. If only things always stayed that simple. These lines will blur, your relationships will take unexpected turns, and sometimes things will change in ways you don’t want them to.

So what do you do when a girl tells you she “just wants to be friends”? (Read more…)