Flirting Tips for Geeks from Violet Blue

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

HUSH has been a huge fan of Violet Blue and her work for a long time. Unfortunately, most of it is kind of “adults only” so we can’t exactly share it here on the site. BUT when we saw the Geek Flirting Cheat Sheet she came up with for SXSW we had to figure out a way to share it here.

Geeks UNITE! Although you can always read Hooking Up & Staying Hooked for helpful hints on getting girls no matter how nerdy you are, this cheat sheet that’s part of her project The Total Flirt is an amazing resource for embracing your geek and still getting the girl .

Here are our favorite tips:

  • “Go to places where you will have something you can relate to; like a meetup about your interests, an event you actually want to go to, a club with music you really like…”
  • “Make contact. Plan to fail a few: this way, you won’t be afraid of rejection.”
  • “Do check your body language when you find yourself in a situation: keep back straight and shoulders open.”
  • “Be creative and tie a reason to contact them later with your conversation: book, website, etc.”

But check out the whole post here:

Or go here for the podcast and click the link for direct download or iTunes at the bottom.

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