MTV’s Teen Dad – Help Make This Series Never Have a Season 1

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Don't let the photo fool you. As a teen dad Levin Johnston was pretty much universally viewed as a dirt bag. Photo from GQ.

Today at HUSH we’re celebrating the National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. If you’re having, thinking about, or pursuing sex we want you to make sure you know how to avoid becoming a dad before you’re ready. If you’re putting off sex until later, way to go, but make sure you know the facts and have a plan in case things change.

Being a dad might be cooler farther down the road, but right now it will be a serious setback to school, money, time with friends, or just enjoying not having any major responsibilities (seriously would you rather be washing bottles and wiping up baby vom in a few months or playing the new Gears of War due in September).

We don’t know if you’ve thought of it before but childcare has a lot of challenges:

  • Babies require crazy amounts of attention. Do you enjoy sleeping at night? What about eating a meal without interruption? Showering? Going to the movies? Taking a poop without worrying? It’s not that babies want to ruin these things but a lot of the time they do.
  • Babies are a major money drain. Where are you going to scrape together enough cash to cover baby formula, diapers, clothes, strollers, play pen, toys, etc etc etc when you’re still saving up to buy a dumpy used car?
  • Getting along with the mother can be tough. Maybe you two were really in love and got along great before. But the stress of a baby wears on parents, especially unprepared ones. Before you could have just broken up and gone to the next school dance with someone else without thinking twice. Now with a baby you have an obligation to stay involved in the mom’s life.
  • How are you supposed to date after this? The fact that you already have a baby is not attractive to other girls. If things don’t work out with the mother this mark on your permanent record makes things that much harder for future relationships.

The good news is. Being a teen dad is something you can totally avoid!

  • Waiting is a great option – not everyone is having sex.
  • Talk to your partner beforehand (definitely while your pants are still on) about what you’re going to do avoid pregnancy.
  • There may be things in your way of using condoms but you can easily overcome them.
  • Review and practice putting on a condom correctly.
  • Talk to your girlfriend about hormonal contraceptive methods.

Remember Condoms are Cheaper than Diapers.

Check out for quizzes and videos to celebrate the day. Have a happy National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy (and make it last all year).

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