New Year’s Resolution: Get a Girlfriend

Monday, January 2, 2012

It’s 2012! Welcome to the New Year. This is when many folks start fresh, try something they haven’t, or set off to accomplish something they didn’t last year. H.U.S.H. is saying good riddance to 2011 and kicking off this year with a series of posts to help you reach your goals.

In 2012, I’m going to get a girlfriend.

Maybe you’ve had luck with this in the past, maybe you haven’t. Maybe you’re the first of your friends to start dating, or the last. You’ll figure a lot of this out on your own but thinking about it with these four steps might be the boost that helps you become somebody’s boyfriend.

Psych yourself up – not out.

It’s time to think about why you’re so awesome and totally deserving of a girlfriend. Maybe you’re famously funny around school. Perhaps you’re amazingly considerate. Or hey, you might just be super normal and know there’s a normal girl out there looking for a guy just like you. In 2012 you’re going to stop being so down on yourself and realize there are girls out there who’d love to have you as their beau.

Become a ladies’ man.

This does not mean getting a new wardrobe of leather pants, learning a series of magic tricks to impress girls with, and keeping an ever-playing loop of R&B. This means it’s time to calm down and start talking to, feeling comfortable and confident around girls. Talk to whatever girls you have access to until you’re competent enough not to stare at a girl’s boobs when she’s talking, you stop stuttering and slipping over sentences out of nervousness, and you learn what part about your personality (your charming wit or your brooding intellect) girls enjoy most.

Ask Girls Out.

Jump in to the deep end and get yourself a date. After you’ve put yourself out there talking to girls, you’ll recognize which ones you’re attracted to and which ones tend to smile more and let their eyes linger on you when you’re around. If you get a “yes,” don’t freak out or make a deal about it – your anxiety won’t help you act natural. If one date doesn’t go well, don’t fret – this is why it says “ask girls out.” You’ll find your stride in the dating scene with practice and the girl that matters will like being around you know matter what.

See Where it Goes…

Too many guys start the search for a girlfriend with the wrong mindset. This isn’t about a “hunt” or a “chase.” There are rules, but relationships aren’t a game. It’s not about setting your sights on someone and making her yours. Dating is finding someone you’re compatible with, someone who makes you happy and turned on and better, and that you do the same for. So chill. Be proactive and assertive but also patient and open-minded. With H.U.S.H. here to help it is going to happen in 2012.

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