Why Wait? Text her!

Monday, March 19, 2012

When you like someone it’s hard not to stress over when and what to text her. There is pressure not to reveal how much you’re into her – you’re worried you’ll seem desperate. You’re not sure if she’ll get your jokes when they’re just in writing – you might seem weird. Or what if you text her too much too frequently – you could scare her off.

Before you start freaking out, here’s an easy rule to remember when it comes to texting: If you’ve managed to ask her out and the two of you had a great time text her the next day. Tell her you had fun and that you’re looking forward to hanging out with her again. Things go better when you say what you mean. You don’t have to make a big deal about it, but it’s better if you stay on her radar after having an awesome time together. A short text is an easy way to do that.

Limiting yourself to a short text telling her you enjoyed your time with her is a great way to keep yourself from being one of those needy multi-texters. It’s also just basic etiquette. And finally it sets you up to ask her out again later.

After a date ext her the next day. It’s that simple.

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