Things Jerks Do – Vol. I.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Being a jerk – is it natural? Are guys trained to act like this? Maybe we just don’t know any better. Not any more. Welcome to the latest series from Hooking Up & Staying Hooked – Things Jerks Do. We’ve made it simple. Avoid the behaviors we talk about here and you’re in the clear. Check out the first edition:

I. Stare at other girls while their girlfriend is around.

This is an easy way to make her feel like you don’t appreciate her or find her attractive. While she’s around stay focused. It sucks to be compared to other people and you ogling at every other girl in the room makes her feel like she isn’t as pretty as all the girls that pass by.

II. Break up via text/twitter/facebook – refuse to offer any chance to talk.

There are rules and etiquette to break ups. It does feel like it will be more difficult to do it in person but that girl deserves your respect. If you unfriend on Facebook, tweet about you two being through, or send the ending text message you’re being unfair. Give her a chance to talk this through in person.

III. Refuse to use condoms.

Lots of guys have excuses because they don’t want to use them. But by not doing so they’re putting both themselves and the girl at risk of a pregnancy neither are ready for or passing along an STI (sexually transmitted infection). There are plenty of ways to talk about protecting yourselves and no real excuse not to do so. Condoms come in different shapes and sizes for maximum comfort as well as different thicknesses and lubrication levels for extra sensation. If someone says he really doesn’t like condoms he just hasn’t found one he likes yet.

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