H.U.S.H. is here to teach you a thing or two when it comes to high school romance. But maybe there’s something you can learn about H.U.S.H. as well. Learn more about:

The Guide

Hooking Up & Staying Hooked (HUSH) is the secret advice passed down by older brothers, teammates, and neighborhood friends to guys figuring out high school relationships. This is the guide every guy who graduated high school wishes he had when he began. This is the wisdom meant to help you get what you want in high school: girls.

Other dating manuals geared towards men today all make the mistake of assuming that their audience is made up of self-sufficient and fully functioning adults. But the chase begins in high school, and if you don’t hone your skills now, you’re bound to flounder for a long time to come.

HUSH is here to give you the tools you need to succeed with girls starting right now and the rest of your life. This site discusses the things that your parents and teachers won’t tell you. What you’ll find is the knowledge all your friends pretend to know but don’t. Read up and start putting the tips to the test today.

The Author

Colin Adamo is the guy behind the guide here at HUSH. Although he wasn’t an instant success in high school (but who can blame him with the lack of guidance out there), with enough studying up, trial and error, and persistence it wasn’t long before he could fend for himself when it came to females.

Adamo is a recent graduate of Yale University where he was a double major in Psychology and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies. During his time in college he led a group of students, the Community Health Educators, to teach Sex Education in local New Haven High Schools, authored a biweekly column on relationships, RomAntics, in an on-campus publication, The Yale Herald, interned for popular sexpert bloggers Em & Lo, conducted a senior research project investigating young men’s relationship to sex ed in the US, and directed the internationally recognized Sex Week at Yale, an attention-grabbing, interdisciplinary sex education program for college students.

In high school he and his best friend devoured the Love & Relationships section of their local bookstore but never quite came across the advice that was right for their lives. By authoring the forthcoming guide, Hooking Up & Staying Hooked, Adamo, hopes to put on the shelves the resource that would have helped him during what can be the most exciting and confusing time in our lives. Stay tuned for publication news.

Want to get in touch? Send an e-mail to colin@hookingupandstayinghooked.com