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When I tell people I write about girls/dating/relationship/sex advice for young guys most usually ask, “What’s the best piece of advice?” “What would you say works best?” “If you could only give one piece of advice what would it be?”

And I always have the same answer. Whether it’s for taking a girl on a great date, being a mind-blowing hook up, or being the best boyfriend ever, it is this same piece of advice – Read on »

One of the top comments on this video says it all: “thats the best present that boyfriend can give. I wish i could find a guy like you..”

Use this guy’s epic gift to his girlfriend as inspiration this holiday season (or all year round) to make yours feel just as amazing about you.

In case you’re still strapped for a solid idea let’s break down a little bit of what makes this example so extraordinary. Read on »

Interested in being the best boyfriend she could ever imagine? The people who mean the most to us are often the ones that can make us feel like even the most ordinary times are out of this world (or at least better than they would be without them). Sure you’ve followed our advice, taken her out and done things to show how awesome you think she is, now let’s use that creative/romantic energy on the less-than-special occasions.


You both have work to get done. Whether it’s planting yourself at the kitchen table until the reading gets done or staying up late to finish that essay your assigned school work is probably something none of us are too thrilled about. This makes for a perfect opportunity to be her knight in shinning armor and make a sleep-inducing task exciting.

Bring out the snacks. Invent playful games to help with memorization. Pump each other up through a slump with some tunes or a spontaneous dance. Reward a dedicated session of focused attention with a heated make out. As long as you don’t distract each other too much, everyone wins.


Very few high school students enjoy their part-time job. Eliminate the boring drudgery for her and surprise her at work with something that brightens up her day. Maybe it’s something sweet for her lunch break. Perhaps it’s a short note just to make her smile. Even if it’s just popping in to say, “hi,” and to tell her you can’t wait to see her later. This could be the little thing that gets her through the day.

Be careful not to stick around. This won’t be a smooth move if you get her in trouble with her boss for slacking off on the job and talking to you. You also don’t want to be the clingy boyfriend who is always around.


If she’s got little siblings there are likely to be times when she’s stuck inside tending to them while the rest of her family is out. Even if she enjoys spending time with the little one(s) it can be a drag to be stuck inside when other friends are out having a good time. Cheer her up by popping in. Bring a movie she’ll enjoy (but that’s also kid friendly). Deliver some snack foods or a pizza to enjoy together. The trick is to include the kids in whatever you do. Just dropping by to hook up after the kids have gone to sleep doesn’t count. Be that guy and you’ll quickly get your but kicked when her parents get home.

Sunday Afternoon

This is an underrated day that tends to drag along for many of us. You’ve had fun with your friends Friday and Saturday and use most of this afternoon to catch up on homework. Bu with some planning you can actually use this boring part of the week to plan a date that ends the week with a bang. So save Sunday for something special so she goes to school the rest of the week with a smile.

Dear Cute Girl with the locker next to mine,

This year I will do more than just awkwardly steal glances at you while you grab your books. I might even go as far as suggesting that we hang out away from our locker neighborhood.

Dear Incredibly Hot Physics Lab Partner,

When we have a problem set due I will ask you on a study date. I will not let you make me  do all the work nor suggest another date if all you do is discuss your boyfriend. This will be time for us to fall for each other (at an acceleration rate of 9.81 m/s2).

Dear Group of Attractive Girls in Gym Class,

I will not let it intimidate me that you normally talk to the cooler jocks. I will engage you in conversation in boring day when we’re forced to do laps around the gym like cattle as well.

PS: I apologize in advance for taking kick ball too seriously.

Dear Girl in the Cafeteria that Always Adorably Gets a Cookie,

This year I will comment on your excellent selection of sweets. Even if you seem apprehensive at first about me randomly talking to you like this, I will light heartedly insist on you providing me with cookie recommendations for my mood this day. Please be prepared to giggle and find me to be charming.

Dear Major Crush of this School Year,

I plan on becoming all the more confident this year in talking to girls. Quite soon you’ll be flabbergasted by my wit and self-assurance. You should begin making preparations now for accepting my invitation for a date and know that I have no preferences in flavor of lip-gloss for our first kiss.

Yours always,

Loyal HUSH Reader

If you’re reading this that means you have access to the internet. And if you have a girlfriend we hope you talk to her pretty regularly. And if for some reason you two have to deal with big distances over the course of this summer we’re recommending Skype.

It’s more than 110% likely that this is ancient history to you, but HUSH is here to help out the clueless dudes too. Read on »

16 & Well Adjusted titles from The Landline on Vimeo.

There is a lot to learn from shows like MTV’s 16 & Pregnant or Teen Mom. But sometimes all the drama gets in the way of the message. Being in high school and NOT worrying about parenthood is WAY easier and more fun. This spoof from sketch group Landline is a fun clarification.

Some favorite lines include Read on »

From: Pat

So I just went on a first date with an amazing girl and everything went well. the conversation was alive, we got along great, and I was even lucky enough to get a goodbye kiss when I walked her back to her door. But I have a question, what do I do now? When do I ask her out again? I want to continue this but am not exactly sure how to go through with it. any suggestions?

H.U.S.H. Response: Read on »

Sure you care about your girlfriend. You think she’s awesome. There are a million little things about her that you love. When you’re with her or thinking about her you just feel different than with other girls. But how is she supposed to know any of this if you don’t tell her?

You want to make your compliments count. They need to be genuine and unique. The guy who constantly showers his girlfriend in affection not only makes everyone else around him want to vom, but might spoil her so much that she takes him for granted. So what are you supposed to say when you want to make her feel appreciated? HUSH is here to help. Read on »

HUSH has tweeted a lot about this photograph of Scott Jones and his girlfriend, Alexandra Thomas, kissing on the ground in the middle of the riots in Vancouver, British Columbia that arose when the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup last week. The photo of the two of them together (and the story that goes with it) is romantic, hot, and heart warming.

But most importantly it gives us a few really important lessons in terms of relationships:

  1. Don’t take your girlfriend to a riot.
  2. Be there to take care of her when she needs it. According to their account, when Alexandra tripped and fell upset by the chaos of the police trying to keep the disorder under control, Scott ran back for her to hold her and calm her down. There aren’t many opportunities to be a knight in shining armor these days but it’s still expected of you to do so when the situation arises.
  3. Be spontaneous. Being spontaneous is always going to be one of the most romantic gestures there is. Even if the whole world is crumbling around you if you can find a chance to out of the blue show the girl you like how much you care about her and how much she means to you, even if only for a brief moment it will mean so much to her. It’s hard to teach someone how to be spontaneous but it’s good to be reminded.

This is one time where HUSH can fully support public displays of affection (pda). Way to go Scott!

A guy gets some major points for making things. Really – even if your artistic skills are sub-par, a girl is going to love your lop-sided birthday card or a slightly-burnt stir-fry way more then a generic Hallmark message or a dinner out.

My high school boyfriend Read on »

I was sort of seeing a boy in the mid-winter my senior year of high school. Things had been pretty casual – we talked on the phone pretty frequently but didn’t get the chance to see one another more than once every week or two. I felt like we were really hitting it off, but I didn’t want to push any plans for the impending Valentine’s Day because we weren’t technically together. When I nonchalantly asked him what he was doing on the afternoon of February 14th he said he would be studying hard for a physics test the next day. I was a bit disappointed, but didn’t expect anything more.

However, when V-day evening came around, he showed up at my door with cookies and flowers and took me out to dinner! I was completely shocked and so happy that he made the effort to show me that he cared as much as I did. Sometimes a surprise goes a long way!

Claire, New York

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