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This is Abuse is a powerful new campaign from the UK government helping teenage guys recognize, prevent, and fight against abuse and sexual assault in all forms in their relationships.We’ve tried to broach the subject of consent and abuse on the website before, but This is Abuse really drives home the point that we as men need to be more aware of our behavior. We don’t get to blame anyone or anything for what we do and we don’t get to do whatever we want within a relationship, a fling, or even a casual hook up. When it comes to our interactions with girls, it’s time to wake up and start acting like the respectful human beings we are capable of being.

You’ve already read here on H.U.S.H. about what it might be like to invite a girl to a more private space at a party to get a little physical (and obviously we couldn’t say enough that adding alcohol to the mix could confuse signals and lead to activity that you or she might not have been ready for.) You know that it would be challenging in such circumstances it might be difficult to have the regular discussion about what you do and don’t want to do before things get heated up and out of control. So be aware! Pay attention to yourself and recognize abuse before it begins. Read on »

If you and your girlfriend have decided you want to have sex, these ads (New from and the Ad Council) are probably right – you’re not going to let much get in your way of doing the deed. If you’ve made that decision that means you should have talked about what you two will do to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

While Bedsider is technically Read on »

Levni Yilmaz is a brilliant cartoonist. His pretty average observations about life, love, relationships, and sex are so amazingly accurate it’s hard not to share. Check out the video above. If you like his style, there are plenty more at his website, Tales of Mere Existence.

One of the top comments on this video says it all: “thats the best present that boyfriend can give. I wish i could find a guy like you..”

Use this guy’s epic gift to his girlfriend as inspiration this holiday season (or all year round) to make yours feel just as amazing about you.

In case you’re still strapped for a solid idea let’s break down a little bit of what makes this example so extraordinary. Read on »

This 2005 Sundance-selected short film “Late Bloomer” by Craig Macneill and Clay McLeod Chapman is just the right amount of spooky scary to remind HUSH that sex ed in high school can be weird enough to give anyone the creeps.

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This is a classic clip from one my favorite completely outlandish movies, Half Baked. Although definitely far from high school, in this clip Dave Chappelle’s character here suffers from a setback that many young guys do – short on cash.

Watch the clip for a laugh then read some of our advice pieces here, here, here, here and here on super cheap date ideas to see some of our solutions for dating on an ultra low (or even non-existent) budget.

16 & Well Adjusted titles from The Landline on Vimeo.

There is a lot to learn from shows like MTV’s 16 & Pregnant or Teen Mom. But sometimes all the drama gets in the way of the message. Being in high school and NOT worrying about parenthood is WAY easier and more fun. This spoof from sketch group Landline is a fun clarification.

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This video has been passed around here and there in the past few days. It’s a 1949 educational film on the basics of dating. While we’re pretty lucky that lots of things have changed, some have stayed the same. Check out our breakdown and get the advice from this video that has withstood the test of time. Read on »

H.U.S.H. has helped you find condoms for free and in store before, but just having them around isn’t going to be enough. You need to know how to use them or you could look the fool like this dude.

Props to Scenarios USA for working with young people to make such an awesome short! If you want to check out, buy or learn more about this or any of the over 22 other films written by teens and directed by Hollywood filmmakers, visit

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If only the tables were turned when it was time to meet her parents.

Feel free to laugh at this video until your girlfriend invites you to her house for dinner.

The way certain groups at school form seems pretty stupid and unfair most of the time.
Don’t let it get you down – it’s all pretty random, nobody likes it, and it doesn’t last
When it’s over you make funny videos about it like this one.

(Note: Despite the title it’s a funny video, not a dirty one. Maybe not the best idea to watch if you’re in school but make sure you see to the very end as it just gets funnier and funnier.)

If you and your girlfriend are frisky enough to rip off each other’s clothing every now and then (with each others’ consent of course), CONGRATULATIONS! Now could you leave it at that?

Too many dudes these days get caught up in capturing all of this naughtiness on camera. BAD IDEA. If she’s not into it and you keep pressuring her you’re being a jerk. And even if you do get her to agree and the two of you are underage you’re now at risk of getting slammed with whack (but all too real) child pornography trafficking charges – F.Y.I. those things are kind of a mood killer.

Stop with the begging. Stop with the excuses. Stop with the secret shots. You’re lucky you get to see her in any state of nudity – so be happy you get that.

Ever see a girl from across the room and just have NO idea what to say to her? Same for the guy in this short film. Be sure to watch to the end.

The advice in this video might not be the best, so try these tips instead: Read on »