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How do you add on everything that a romantic relationship means to the overloaded life of the average high school student without letting everything else fall apart? A few of the following tips might help. Read on »

Dances in high school are awkward enough on their own. With trying to pull yourself away from the snack table to join everyone else who seems to effortlessly dance so much better than you, pretending being dropped off by your mom doesn’t make you any less cool, and acting like you actually . . . Read on »

Do you or someone you know suffer from these symptoms?

  • Internet history composed primarily of Facebook photo albums of one particular girl.
  • Modified, oftentimes inconvenient paths to class to increase the odds of run-ins with this particular girl.
  • Over-exaggerated eye rolls from friends upon mentioning her name due to excessive referencing of her.

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This is Abuse is a powerful new campaign from the UK government helping teenage guys recognize, prevent, and fight against abuse and sexual assault in all forms in their relationships.We’ve tried to broach the subject of consent and abuse on the website before, but This is Abuse really drives home the point that we as men need to be more aware of our behavior. We don’t get to blame anyone or anything for what we do and we don’t get to do whatever we want within a relationship, a fling, or even a casual hook up. When it comes to our interactions with girls, it’s time to wake up and start acting like the respectful human beings we are capable of being.

You’ve already read here on H.U.S.H. about what it might be like to invite a girl to a more private space at a party to get a little physical (and obviously we couldn’t say enough that adding alcohol to the mix could confuse signals and lead to activity that you or she might not have been ready for.) You know that it would be challenging in such circumstances it might be difficult to have the regular discussion about what you do and don’t want to do before things get heated up and out of control. So be aware! Pay attention to yourself and recognize abuse before it begins. Read on »

If you and your girlfriend have decided you want to have sex, these ads (New from and the Ad Council) are probably right – you’re not going to let much get in your way of doing the deed. If you’ve made that decision that means you should have talked about what you two will do to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

While Bedsider is technically Read on »

In high school we have teachers to help us through tough subjects, we have coaches to guide us to victory, and a lucky few of us have older brothers who are there to give us advice as we try to figure out girls, dating, and relationships. But I didn’t have an older brother and many of you might not either. In a previous post, Maritza noted that there was tons of information she never got from her older sister that might have prevented some stupid romantic mistakes. And now it’s my turn to imagine which words of wisdom would have been most helpful from an older brother. Read on »

H.U.S.H. is super excited for the official launch of today, a free support network for birth control for women 18-29 operated by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. Why is a website like H.U.S.H. – one that is made exclusively to suite the lives of young guys excited for a network for 18-29 year old girls? Because the website is filled with SO MUCH INFORMATION that could be helpful to you.

You’ve already read about how having a baby could create some major challenges in your life and considered saving fatherhood for somewhere waaaaaaaay down the line. So if you and your girlfriend have decided to have sex, you have to think about what you’re going to do to prevent a pregnancy.

That’s where can help!

Check out their Method Explorer to learn more about all the options out there for young people to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. Find out where you or your girlfriend can get birth control whether it’s over the counter, at a health center, or in an emergency.Poke through their Fact or Fiction section or hear about different methods from the people who use them.

Even if you don’t need all this info now, maybe someone you know does! Even if your girlfriend knows a lot about birth control, now’s your chance to enter the conversation and know what you’re talking about. No couple should have to become parents before they’re ready. And with help from places like Bedsider, we’re all a little better prepared to prevent that. So what are you still doing here? Go check out their site already! Read on »

Sometimes guys and girls think differently about what counts as a date. A common complaint any guy who finds himself romantically involved will hear from his girl is, “We never go out any more.” You were great at wooing her, but keeping her happy requires some effort on your part to show her she’s special. This means keeping up the creativity in your dating routine. Take a look at these non-dates and think about your own balance of casual together-time and engaging romantic activities. Read on »

(The Man’s Guide To Love #133 from themansguidetolove on Vimeo.)

Maybe you’re new to HUSH. Maybe you’ve been with us since the beginning and have already dug through our massive archives of older posts. While we hope that HUSH is the best resource for High School guys when it comes to girls, dating, sex, relationships and more, there are plenty more out there with tidbits of wisdom.

The best is example is The Man’s Guide to Love, a video collection of advice from guys all over the country. Some of it is silly. Some of it is profound. But when it comes to advice from one man to another, this is the ultimate collection. Check it out!

Our friends over at What Would Your Mother Do? have a great conversation clothing line. Sexual conversation. And we’re really excited to see them start making apparel for guys, like the Ask First shirt shown above!

The idea behind their underwear, T-shirts and more is to give young people everywhere a fun avenue to express themselves and a reminder to make healthy and intelligent decisions.

But what are we talking about when we say, “Ask First”?

It’s a pretty good motto when it comes to any romantic interactions with someone else. The same way you’d be expected to ask a girl out before showing up at her house on a Friday night for your first date, you’d be expected to ask her if she wants to be in a relationship before you changed your status on Facebook, you’d be expected to ask her what she’s interested in physically before the two of you got sexual.

The shirt is just a fun reminder to check in and Ask First. It seems obvious that you’d want to make sure everything is okay, but maybe it’s nerves, maybe it’s the fact that no hook up scenes in movies ever involve stopping to ask the other person how they’re doing, or maybe you two have done things before and you just assume everything is cool. But like our friend Ben at The Consensual Project could tell you, there’s no substitute for using your words.

So seriously, Ask First.

  • Is it okay if I touch you here?
  • Do you want to _____?
  • What makes you feel good?

Find out what she’s looking for in a relationship before you two start dating. Talk out what you’re looking for before you and her do anything physical. And every now and then, ask yourself, What Would Your Mother Do?

HUSH has been a big fan of Stay Teen‘s other version of this super fun and totally informative online game, My Paper Boyfriend (as well as their other games like Myth Monsters), but we were really psyched to see the release of My Paper Girlfriend.We’re really psyched to see one for guys!

Play it!

Do it right now!

You will have fun. You will learn something. You will absolutely be glad you played. Read on »

As we get closer to the end of the school year all your teachers are taking action to test you on what you learned. Maybe you’re too wrapped up in thoughts of prom to even begin thinking about studying, so here’s a test HUSH wants you to take that isn’t graded, that gives you the answers, and that keeps you safe!

Check your knowledge here on HIV/AIDS from IMPACT and help yourself stay sexually healthy. Maybe you know everything you need to, but most likely you don’t. So take a few minutes and test your knowledge.

We know Read on »

When we asked friend of HUSH and creator of the internet’s favorite food blog Needs More Salt, Nozlee, to give us some tips in the kitchen, what she came up with was a recipe bacon enough to make any dude drool but fancy enough to make the females fawn. Here’s what she gave us:

So maybe you want to impress that cute girl from homeroom with a romantic homecooked meal or picnic, but you can’t boil water without hurting yourself and you want something a little more, well, mature than PB&J. That’s okay! If you can use a toaster and a microwave, you can make these super classy and totally delicious bacon and asparagus sandwiches to woo your lady. They’re delicate but still filling, they travel well, and they’re really impressive for what you put into it — basically, you get a luxe twist on a BLT with the same skills it takes to make instant ramen.

Bacon & Asparagus Toasts

Ingredients Read on »

Don't let the photo fool you. As a teen dad Levin Johnston was pretty much universally viewed as a dirt bag. Photo from GQ.

Today at HUSH we’re celebrating the National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. If you’re having, thinking about, or pursuing sex we want you to make sure you know how to avoid becoming a dad before you’re ready. If you’re putting off sex until later, way to go, but make sure you know the facts and have a plan in case things change.

Being a dad might be cooler farther down the road, but right now it will be a serious setback to school, money, time with friends, or just enjoying not having any major responsibilities (seriously would you rather be washing bottles and wiping up baby vom in a few months or playing the new Gears of War due in September).

We don’t know if you’ve thought of it before but childcare has a lot of challenges: Read on »

We made friends over at Their site is full of so much relationship wisdom we had to ask them to share some. Here it is. Natasha Burton, Julie Fishman and Meagan McCrary, authors of The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags and founders of share some of their tips on surviving relationships.

Dealing with members of the opposite sex isn’t easy. Sure, it’s fun having that rush of butterflies at the sight of your crush or getting to kiss someone for the first time, but more than anything, relationships can be full of drama, leaving you confused. We’ve learned to be more romance savvy by identifying some of the red flags showing that a person just isn’t right for us — and we have a whole lot of stories about the warning signs we chose to ignore. (Ah, love is blind, as they say.)

To help you better navigate the dating world, Read on »