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The fact that my parents didn’t like Meena, my girlfriend senior year, wasn’t so bad. They knew better than to make a big deal of their disapproval or tell a teenager whom to date. The problem arrived, however, when my mom came home early from work one day and caught Meena and me taking our lunch break at home…in my bed…. After she sternly commanded: “get your butt to class,” I made record time getting dressed and to the school building. Read on »

At this point the whole array of Ryan Gosling memes are a bit completely played out. His image has been combined with everything from puppies and furniture, to fine details about librarians or even criticism of tropical medicine (whatever the heck that is) just to get a quick laugh from strangers on the internet with overlapping interests. But before you go X-ing out of the next quick-meme RG image inside joke, take a second to think about what you could take away from the interwebs’ obsession with this dude. Here are the top ten things HUSH thinks dudes can learn from the Ryan Gosling Meme Industry:

  1. You’ll never be as attractive as Ryan Gosling.

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Levni Yilmaz is a brilliant cartoonist. His pretty average observations about life, love, relationships, and sex are so amazingly accurate it’s hard not to share. Check out the video above. If you like his style, there are plenty more at his website, Tales of Mere Existence.

With the artistic styling genius of James Gilmer the advice here at H.U.S.H. is getting even edgier. Check out this sneak peak sampled from our introduction. Tell us what you think!

What’s more fun than getting frisky, fooling around, and getting consent before slipping on a condom and going at it with your girlfriend? Knowing you got that condom for free!

Last week you found out the game plan for getting condoms in store, but what if you don’t feel like handing over the cash? No problemo! Here’s where to go to get your hands on condoms without paying a penny:

  • County or State Health Department Clinics – these places want to give you free condoms. In your search engine of choice type “ (your county’s name here) County Health Department”. On their site, look for the hours and phone number of their STD clinic. Give them a ring and ask when you could come in to pick up free condoms.
  • Pregnancy Planning Clinics – open up Google/Bing Maps, and search “(your zip code), pregnancy planning clinics”. Boom! A map of all the locations in your area. Give them a call and ask what times it is possible to drop in and get some free condoms.
  • Scarleteen’s Find-a-Doc – The feature of this already fantastic site is a life saver. Just click here, change the “Do they offer free condoms?” tab to “yes,” enter your zip code and it will get you a list of locations that are happy to provide you with all the latex you need!
  • School? – It’s not all that common, but some high schools will have a Nurse’s Office or even an in house Health Clinic. Drop in during a lull and ask the nurse if they give out free condoms. “You guys don’t give out free condoms do you?” Don’t be so nervous, their jobs is to help you out and that’s what they like doing. If they’re allowed to, they’ll set you up. Tough luck if you’re at a Catholic School – might wind up with a ruler to the knuckles for even saying the word out loud.

They may not be just around the corner, but for Free-Ninety-Nine, this cost can’t be beat. Convince a couple of friends (hopefully one of them has a car) to go and stock up.

The way certain groups at school form seems pretty stupid and unfair most of the time.
Don’t let it get you down – it’s all pretty random, nobody likes it, and it doesn’t last
When it’s over you make funny videos about it like this one.

If you even think there is a chance of you having sex in your future, it’s time to find some condoms. They keep you safe from sexually transmitted illness and they help you put off being a daddy for later when changing diapers and buying baby food seems like more fun than hanging around with your friends.

If you’re having sex, you’re using condoms. If you plan on having sex, you’re practicing putting on condoms. If you have a dick and you even like the idea of putting it in or around a vagina, you’re putting a condom on it.

So how do you get them? Read on »