Sorry. This site is not for you.

H.U.S.H. is straightforward talk meant for young men, not a boring talking points memo to review with mom or dad. You can hand the website over to your son and I’ll take it from here. Think of the information provided on this site as the edifying musings of an older brother – only with a formal education and plenty of practice as an educator on the subject matter. The goal is to help the next generation of guys make happier and healthier decisions for themselves and their partners, starting with candid and relatable content meant for them.

Talking with your teenage son about sex can be a challenge. And if they’re in high school, they’ve most likely already been exposed to a lot more than you would guess.

While the most important thing to do is to actually summon the courage to talk to them about it, starting now can have a number of awkward challenges. There are resources that can help you. is a rather comprehensive online resource to help you cover the right topics. Books like Logan Levkoff’s Third Base Ain’t What It Used to Be are brilliant at helping you relate to and communicate with your kids. And educators like Amy Lang even offer workshops on the subject matter.

Even with all of this, you’ll still need to be brave. But until you manage to muster up the strength, I’m offering you this site as a fallback, a standby, or your cavalry.

Find ways to send them to this site. Asking them to read it won’t do any good (think of what happens when you ask him to take out the garbage). Instead try:

  • leaving this website open on the family computer
  • writing the web address down somewhere he might see
  • or mentioning it in passing
  • bringing it up in front of one of their friends

These tricks might pique his interest enough to read on his own and learn something useful. So get out of here already and we’ll get started without you. Thanks for visiting!


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