H.U.S.H. has a lot of information to offer when it comes to what to do with girls. But it’s all going to start with you. Use this page to learn more about making sure you’re ready for romance and whether or not this website is for you.

Yeah, You

It’s time to make sure you’re properly equipped before you get out on the prowl. Use this page to learn whether you’re ready, how you can step up your game, and if the rest of this guide is for you.

  • Don’t Worry. You’ve got to have a little confidence before you can attract some female attention. Don’t worry about what other guys are up to. If there is some other dude getting attention from girls you want – don’t sweat it You’ll be one of them soon enough, if you aren’t already. Pick a few things you know you’re good at and focus on those features. Play self-cheerleader from time to time to keep your self-esteem up. Let the haters be haters. Just knowing that you are the best that you can be will put enough swagger in your step to draw the eyes of girls you like.
  • Don’t Smell. You shouldn’t have to be told, but you probably need to. You cannot smell bad and still have girls be interested in you. Even dogs sniff each other’s butts first before they decide if they like one another. If yours reeks you’ve already lost your shot. Shower. Keep you facial hair tamed. Use deodorant. Brush your teeth. And avoid putting on that shirt for the fourth and fifth times between washing. Whatever else you decide is up to you. Just, please, don’t over do it with the body sprays.
  • Don’t Be a Jerk. Please, avoid your inner jerk. You don’t need to turn into a jackass and treat girls like crap to get them to like you. Yes, unfortunately sometimes this might work as I’m sure you’ve witnessed already. There are more sustainable ways of creating attraction.

Avoid talking behind girls’ backs. Never comment on her body, her weight, or her looks unless you have something positive to say. Even then, watch your wording. Never call her stupid. And don’t talk about her friends or family

You can’t make yourself too many enemies or build a reputation for being a jerk. If you do, your future with girls in this neighborhood is done for. You can still playfully tease and make jokes, but steer you’ll have to steer clear of the outright negativity and avoid ever being an actual jerk. Sure, we’ve all heard the phrase “nice guys finish last” but in reality everyone hates an a-hole.

Is this for me?

  • Too Much Too Soon. This guide can talk about some pretty serious stuff. It’s written only as a resource for when you feel ready for this sort of information. There are guys from all sorts of backgrounds reading what’s written here. For some, it may be old news. For others, this might be the first time they hear about some of the topics. Whatever the case is, it’s cool. We all have to start from somewhere, right?

If some of this stuff isn’t for you just yet, that’s totally fine. Come back and check in when the time is right. Some of the biggest ladies men I know today never even talked to girls in high school, much less anything more than that. Let your inner Casanova out when you’re ready.

Whether it’s now or later the info here will definitely come in handy somewhere down the road. If it’s a bit too advanced for today, the information you take away will always work later on. You’ll still be ahead of the pack when you get there, even if you’re starting from behind.

  • I Got This. Some of you might think you’re already experts when it comes to women. Even if you know a lot, new tricks and techniques can only take your game to the next level. The better you are with women right now, the more luck you’ll have with them for the rest of your life. So keep reading.
  • Questioning? This guide is limited in that it’s written for guys who are interested in girls. This isn’t the case for every guy in high school, and that’s okay. I’m most confident in giving advice that I have personal experience with, and my high school days were spent chasing girls. But it is also totally normal to find yourself questioning who you’re interested in or thinking you might be attracted to other guys. If that’s the case, that’s fine – there is nothing wrong with you. There are a ton of other resources on the web to help you out that we want you to read! Check out some recommended sights here: